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Online NZ Mobile Solutions


You have probably arrived at our website because you are looking for a mobile solution for your website?
You have come to the right place as Online NZ Mobile Solutions offers various options for your website to display correctly on a mobile device.

You may also have come here because you want to update your existing website, or even create a FREE new website that will display correctly an all devices?

In today's world, your website needs to display correctly on a mobile device as 80% of viewers now browse websites using a mobile phone or tablet.
If your website displays only the desktop version of your website on a mobile device, you are more likely to lose a potential customer as the "old layout" is too clumsy to navigate, takes too long to load and the search engines WILL penalise your website if it doesn't display correctly on a mobile phone or a portable device.
You can quickly check here to view your website and how it will look on a mobile phone when it is converted. Just follow the links below.



Create a Mobile-Friendly Version of your current website FREE.
Simply e
nter your website address e.g.: and we will import your existing content and we will create a preview of your website's new mobile version.
You only pay a small monthly hosting charge. TRY IT NOW!

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If you already have a website that is not mobile responsive or needs a bit of a make-over and want you to spruce it up a bit, you have come to the right place.
Please follow the link below to upgrade it.
The upgrade is FREE and you will only pay a small monthly hosting charge.

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Need a new website?

Build a New Responsive Website
that works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices FREE.

Create a free website for your business.

You only pay a small monthly hosting charge. TRY IT NOW!

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Get More from a Mobile Optimised Website




"Every revenue source matters when you’re a small business, and Click-to-Call has become a very important factor in converting our site visitors into customers.”














Now with "InSite"Note

Create an ultra-personalized user experience with content that changes based on a visitor’s physical location, number of previous site visits, time of day and more.

It Pays to be Smart
“Before OLNZ's inSite, we simply would not have had access to the technology needed to present website visitors with such a personalized experience. The huge increase in engagement we’ve already seen is just astonishing.”