How does Auto-Sync work?

Auto-Sync is part of OLNZ Mobile’s secret sauce.  As content is updated on your desktop site, OLNZMobile fetches the content and optimizes it for mobile devices.  This means that a paragraph, text or a new image added to your original website will show up on your mobile site.  If you make changes to your desktop website and don’t see them on your mobile site, simply refresh the page of your mobile device and they should appear.

The same OLNZ Mobile technology that converts a desktop site to a mobile site, keeps track of the URLs on your desktop site and checks back every so often (by default every 2 hours) to see if anything has changed.  When we detect changes, we fetch the new content and place it in the corresponding location on your mobile site.
What happens to changes that I make on my mobile site?

Edits you make directly to your mobile site have priority over the auto-sync event.  This means that if you delete an image on your mobile site, it will stay deleted.  If you alter text in a paragraph on your mobile site, that paragraph will no longer auto-sync because you've edited it.  Any manual edits to your mobile site such as moving, deleting, modifying or adding content will prevent syncing. You can make stylistic changes such as resizing text or images, changing text colors, backgrounds, titles, title bars,  adding padding or margins, etc.  but any structural change will prevent auto syncing.
When does Auto-Sync happen?

Automatic syncing only happens on the live version of the website. The editor itself does NOT auto-sync (though you will see the synced version if you click the preview button at the top of the editor). We do this to make sure you always have a saved version of your site that hasn't changed since last time you edited it.  

The result of this means that even if your live site has synced with recent content you will not see that recent content in the editor and it will not be editable until you follow these instructions. This will pull everything back in line and allow you to edit the live version of the site.

It is also important to note that only content that gets pulled in from the desktop site can auto-sync.  If you add a paragraph, image or new page built entirely from scratch on your mobile site, it does not auto-sync with the desktop site.  Changes to your mobile site do not affect your desktop site